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Vergeus can only be found in our pharmacy available online and on our website based in Togo in Africa. You do not need a prescription to buy the products from us. Other vergeus, which allows to enlarge or enlarge the penis, you also have products, to cure impotence, premature ejaculation, sterility, frigidity etc. The products in our shop or pharmacy are natural products, without side effects or complications. You can go directly to the shop to discover all available products or continue reading on the most powerful products to increase the size of the penis.

Product 100% natural and African.

You are looking for a long time for a product to enlarge the penis, to give a size to your penis. More worries, because we offer you one of the most effective products in penis enlargement and lengthening. Now you have the opportunity to have a bigger, bigger and longer penis. Enlarge the zizi or the dick is possible with this product which contains fast elements in the enlargement of the penis in length and in width (diameter). You want to carry your penis to more than 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, see 24 cm, just buy this product.

an idea of what you are looking for:

A drug to have a big penises or a big cock.

A product to grow quickly and without effects penile (zizi).

A solution to enlarge the male sex.

A drug to lengthen the penises.

A natural product in penile enlargement.



For a long time the idea of enlargement or enlargement of the penis has constantly preoccupied experts in the matter with a view to finding a satisfactory and lasting solution. Men travel the net along the days to find techniques or products that can allow them to give more to their penis. This is becoming more and more a real concern not only for those in need but also the sex industry which is constantly putting the means into research with a view to a better and more adapted solution. That being said, what are the techniques or products previously proved in penis enlargement?

The technique of massage and stretching of the penis:
This technique is possible insofar as you have a penis of an acceptable size. It does not often work with small penis or micro-penis.

Plastic surgery:
It works, but very expensive. Penis surgery allows you to gain a few centimeters but it is necessary to pay thousands of dollars without forgetting the effects that this could generate to your organism.

Pumps and extensors:
The pumps allow a quick erection. The technique allows to insert the sex in the pump and then to pump for the penis to grow. This technique can lead to complications.

Medicines and products
Many are for sale on the net, but the most important is to make the right choice.



The micropenis is this penis whose average size is less than 7 centimeters in erection in adulthood. The average size of the penis at the beginning of puberty which is about 6 centimeters can not be termed micropenis.
The causes can be multiple:

. Insensitivity of tissues to androgens,
. Malformations with or without abnormality chromosomes,
. Insufficient production of androgens.

The normal size of the penis varies from one man to another. It measures less than 10 centimeters or reaches more than 21 centimeters.
The average penis size of a man is usually about 14 centimeters when erect.
A resting penis whose size is 6 to 14 centimeters does not prejudge the size of the penis.
At birth, the average size of the stretched penis is about 4 centimeters.
90% of newborns have a penis size between 2.4 and 5.5 centimeters.
The average penis size at the beginning of puberty is 6 centimeters.
Thus, in adulthood, a penis measuring less than 7 centimeters in erection will be called micropenis.


Faced with all these concerns or indignations we are led to run behind the techniques and methods allowing us to enlarge and lengthen our penis.
All techniques and methods are good for getting bigger and longer penis but you should make the choice to avoid problems afterwards.
Many sites offer techniques of penis enlargement and enlargement. According to the countless websites devoted to the lengthening of the penis, we see that the problem is far from being solved.
Creams, gels and lotions also represent an important part of the market for elongation and penis enlargement. Their composition differs from each other but contain substances like aspirin, garlic that can produce unwanted effects.
With all these problems, we recommend our herb VERGEUS® to enlarge, enlarge and lengthen your penis in a few days without risk of side effects
Why do we need to enlarge or lengthen the penis?

Several replies have been sent to us by experts who have been studying for years on this problem of enlargement and lengthening of the penis. If some think that fattening or lengthening the penis is not important, others believe that the size, shape of a penis play a very important role in a couple.
However, one needs to enlarge and lengthen the penis in the following cases "according to experts in penis enlargement and lengthening"

                    When our penis is below the norm.
                    When you have a micro-penis.
                    When your partner claims it if she finds it because a fulfilled sexual relationship is one that both parties are satisfied.
                    When you find that your partner suffers from a wide vaginal opening.
                    If you just need for an experience.

Are there really products to enlarge the penis?

To this question we say yes. There are products to enlarge or lengthen the penis. But the finding that has been made, these products do not work on everyone. So it is very important to follow the advice of use of these products. Do not forget also that today there are enough liars on the net that offer products to enlarge and enlarge the penis. So pay close attention to those liars who offer products that can have detrimental effects on the body.

Is Vergeus really working?

Vergeus works without faults. Vergeus makes the best products to enlarge and lengthen the penis.
Vergeus is an African plant that has long been used in some localities to enlarge and lengthen the penis. In these localities when a child comes into the world and if it is a boy, every evening the leaves of this plant are soaked in the water. The little boy sits 3 to 5 minutes in the water. When the latter is large, no problem of micro-penis, impotence, erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction.
Vergeus has been designed for years to allow men who are in need to enlarge and lengthen their penis.
Vergeus is effective and has no effect on the body.

Vergeus is a plant root that works effectively on male hormones and allows the development of sexual characteristics in men.

It is 100% natural without the risk of side effects.
This product allows you to increase the size of your penis in 1 month. From the 2nd month, you will see an increase of 3 centimeters.r du 2° mois, vous allez constater une augmentation de 3 centimètres.

Vergeus to swell and lengthen the penises

The drug Vergeus is a mixture of herbs and roots that actually allows to magnify and extend the penises. Vergeus takes the form of tea and ointment. You will receive both at the same time. With Pack 1, you earn between 1 to 2 cm. Use within 1 month. With the 2 pack, it was hoped more than 4 cm. Pack 3, gives 6 Mr. it is a 100% natural product without side effects or complications. You will receive the product with a manual that gives all the details.

Vergeus is a purely African drug, a natural drug without adverse effects to expand or increase penile length and diameter (circumference).

How to use vergeus?

NB: you will receive herbal tea and ointment at the same time. Both should also be used at the same time.

Pour the product into a bottle.
Add 1.5 liters of water.
Stir for 1 minute to get a good mix
Begin treatment after 24 hours.
A small glass morning and evening for 1 month.


Apply the ointment 2 times a day (morning and evening after the shower) on the penis and massage it by pulling it.
NB: Properly follow the progress of your penis. If after a month you notice the size or standard required, stop the use automatically.


Do you want a nice and beautiful penis?
Do you want to have a penis that will not give your partner any worries?
Do you dream a big penis?
Dreaming of a long penis? Vergeus is the solution. With vergeus, make yourself a big penis. A big and pretty penis.

Features and Options:

Plant extracts and roots
100% natural without side effects
It improves the production of androgens (male hormones)
It acts on the cremaster muscle and prevents the penis from retracting during cold or stress.
The first visible effects already from the second week.

A few testimonials

Charles wrote from Swiss.

"Since I have used your product I feel more than human than before. Thank you for your help."

Charles wrote from Swiss.

"Since I have used your product I feel more than human than before. Thank you for your help."

Badou wrote from Canada.

"Thank you for your product."

Georges calini wrote from France.

"I recommend this product, it is good. In two months I gained 3.5 cm. It is a product that really works. I did not want to pronounce, they promised me that my information will be protected that is why I finally did. thank you"

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