Plant and recipes to enlarge the penis

Several plants are used to enlarge or enlarge in a natural way the penis or the penis. These plants or leaves often contain aphrodisiac effects thus playing a dual role. They are sometimes a combination with other plants. Recipes very easy to use in penis enlargement or simply to cure sexual impotence or frigidity in all its forms.

How do natural plants or recipes work to enlarge or enlarge the penis?

Plants or recipes to increase the size of the penis act on the production of androgens or male hormones and the arrival of sufficient blood in the penis to give a penis size.

Apart from certain plants or herbal teas that can allow the penis to gain a few centimeters in length and diameter, there are others that are very rare in the natural enlargement of the penis. This is the case of the bark of Baobab and the vergeus plant.

What is the vergeus plant and where to find it?

The name vergeus comes from a local language in Africa. It is a tropical plant used for a long time by some localities in the treatment of sexual impotence in adults and micropenis in newborns. This plant has been put to use with the establishment of the product VERGEUS, which is actually a natural recipe, an association with some aphrodisiac plants to allow men to enlarge or enlarge their penis naturally.

How to use vergeus?

NB: you will receive herbal tea and ointment at the same time. Both should also be used at the same time.

Pour the product into a bottle.
Add 1.5 liters of water.
Stir for 1 minute to get a good mix
Begin treatment after 24 hours.
A small glass morning and evening for 1 month.


Apply the ointment 2 times a day (morning and evening after the shower) on the penis and massage it by pulling it.
NB: Properly follow the progress of your penis. If after a month you notice the size or standard required, stop the use automatically.
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