male sexual impotence

What is impotence or erectile

What is impotence or erectile dysfunction?
Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man is not or more able to maintain an erection to perform a sexual activity.
The problems of impotence occur during sexual activity. Men who suffer from impotence or sexual dysfunction or erectile disorders feel usually stressed. This State usually affects their personality and influences very often in their relationships with others.
How does occur impotence?
Penile consists of three blocks of erectile tissue that are spongy cavities. Two of the blocks are at the back of the yard and the third surrounds the urethra. An erection occurs when blood flows into these spaces allowing the penis to be hard and stiff. A large amount of blood in these cavities helps the man to maintain his erection until completion of the sexual act. When blood does not happen in the penises to keep it stiff and hard, we're talking at the moment of sexual impotence.

The causes of impotence
Sexual impotence can have various causes. Erectile dysfunction or impotence causes are divided into two groups: psychological causes and physical causes.
Impotence to psychological causes is often temporary and can last in time. There is this impotence in men under 35 years old. Psychological factors of impotence in this case are the following:
Grief or loss of a loved one.
Trends or homosexual feelings not allowed.
Physical or mental fatigue
Serious trauma as a result of an accident
Physical impotence due usually to a physical problem is more seen in men over the age of 35.
Known to this powerlessness factors are:
Alcohol or drug abuse
The age
The hemorrhoid
High blood pressure
The size of the penises not in standards
Masturbation on a regular basis

What is the solution to treat male impotence?

You certainly have problems when you are with your partner in bed. You are either sexually weak, or you have problems keeping your erections going, or you are not banging at all, or you are having trouble when you are ready to penetrate your partner, so no worries. Solusexplant, brings you the solution as soon as possible. Solusexplant is an herbal tea that can find quality erections quickly. It also allows you to make love as long as possible. This product gives pleasure, awakens the senses, makes enjoy both man and woman.
Solusexplant, is a root of a plant in Africa whose discovery is ancient and remained secret charlatans. The modernization of traditional medicine has revealed certain realities from which the implementation of certain natural products today very beneficial for the populations.

What does the plant Solusexplant?

Solusexplant is a plant that treats impotence, erectile dysfunction, erectile and frigidity problems effectively and sustainably. This herb contains a unique active principle that acts directly on the system and gives more strength to the sexual organs.
By principle, this natural product prevents the phosphodiesterase, protein responsible for disorders of the action, by relaxing the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum and erection by increasing blood arrived, thus making possible an effective erection. This plant is a real aphrodisiac because it is also recommended in the case of high blood pressure, diabetes and the hemorrhoid.
This product is taken in infusion. It is 100% natural and are not seeking a medical prescription to combat impotence, erectile dysfunction and frigidity in women.

do you have a sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction partial or total?
do you live this problem for a year or more?
do you suffer erectile disorders that are repeated by time,
don't you have more desire for sex?
do you want to improve your performance and get a quality erection?
are you looking for orgasm and never happens?
are you afraid to take viagra because it creates in you a dependency or unbearable effects or even your doctor banned you because you suffer from a disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney failure?

Solusexplant® the best product natural, a sexual to combat impotence, erectile dysfunction effectively tonic and frigidity.

A natural product for erectile problems.

This product against impotence in men and frigidity in women:

Lowers blood pressure
causes dilation of blood vessels
allows a good circulation of blood in the vessels
increases the envy to the sexual act
a real exciting
strengthens the sex organs and maintains a lasting erection

How to use solusexplant?

Pour the content of the sachet(les racines) in a bottle of liquor to a liter of capacity.
Close and let in infusion for 2 days.
Preferably use white alcohol.
Keep cool in case in a refrigerator.
Drink a little drink in the morning and evening.
A solusexplant is valid for 4 weeks.

For those who can't stand alcohol
Bring to boil in 2.5 liters of water for 5 to 10 minutes.
Keep cool in a bottle.
Start treatment after 24 hours
Drink a little drink in the morning and evening.

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