How to enlarge the penis?

How to enlarge the penis? This question comes often if we have trouble with our penis. When our penis is small or when our zizi is below the norm or when we notice that our partner is worried about the size of our sex. A question of enlargement of the penis is necessary. This very difficult question to solve, becomes a real problem. Even if the entourage does not conceive this quite normal, a question comes to the idea, we who are bent on the problem of enlargement and lengthening of the penis. How can one use a penis less than 9 cm in erections to satisfy a woman? How to live calm in a couple when the woman says she proves the pleasure when it is touched at the bottom while sex is not long or fat? In front of these embarrassing questions, one is forced to enlarge or lengthen our penis. However, how to fatten or lengthen the penis and of course.


 Several possibilities or natural methods exist to enlarge your penis. So to find, the best and effective way to grow and lengthen the penis, you must play on the choice of efficiency. It does not matter the origin of the product. Your choice should rest on how you would like to enlarge your zizi. There are pills, tablets, natural and unnatural medications, herbal teas, plants, so-called natural penis enlargement exercises. You now have different methods to enlarge the penis, to have a big zizi. It's up to you to make a better choice to have a big penis.

Our choice for you is Vergeus. A natural medicine to quickly increase the size of your penis in 1 month

What is vergeus?

Vergeus is a plant in Africa named in a local language "VERGEUS". This plant has several virtues in magnification, penis enlargement and several aphrodisiac properties. It is a plant used for a long time by some localities in the care of newborns and adults with small penises and also in some cases of erectile dysfunction in men.

Presentation of the product vergeus.

A competent and specialized team in herbal medicine has looked into the virtues of this plant in order to set up an effective product, 100% natural whose results are beyond expectations. A product without side effects, the best for fattening and enlarging the penis.

This product called "product vergeus" or "drug vergeus" is composed of a mixture of plants, known roots in the enlargement of the penis and whose main plant is the vergeus plant. This mixture of roots and plants is made of powder (herbal tea) and ointment to use simultaneously to have very good results of enlargement of the penis.

How to use vergeus?

NB: you will receive herbal tea and ointment at the same time. Both should also be used at the same time.

Pour the product into a bottle.
Add 1.5 liters of water.
Stir for 1 minute to get a good mix
Begin treatment after 24 hours.
A small glass morning and evening for 1 month.


Apply the ointment 2 times a day (morning and evening after the shower) on the penis and massage it by pulling it.
NB: Properly follow the progress of your penis. If after a month you notice the size or standard required, stop the use automatically.


Do you want a nice and beautiful penis?
Do you want to have a penis that will not give your partner any worries?
Do you dream a big penis?
Dreaming of a long penis? Vergeus is the solution. With vergeus, make yourself a big penis. A big and pretty penis.
Pack 1: 50 euros 40 euros / 26 200 f cfa/ 47 dollars us
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