Caniver, anti-stretch marks cream.

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A natural oil, effective for all kinds of vegetables

A product to treat old or old stretch marks

a natural product to prevent stretch marks in the future

An essential oil, natural for pregnancy stretch marks, belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, etc.

A cream to treat or treat stretch marks.

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How to get rid of stretch marks?

How to make stretch marks lessen?

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How to remove stretch marks?


concept on stretch marks

Stretch marks are small cracks that have an aspect of soft scars in the skin. Stretch marks are often due to a sudden stretch and stressed skin. They appear very often on the stomach and other body parts during pregnancy or puberty or during an important catch weight. Teen, purplish stretch marks may appear on the chest, thighs and buttocks. Stretch marks are more common in women than in men.


Several factors are responsible for the appearance of stretch marks in women as in men. One study showed that when the fibers are fragile, the skin is exposed to stretch marks. So as triggers include; age, taking weight, some products (creams or ointments) containing substances that can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and cause stretch marks.

Stretch marks may be extended, on the skin. However they can affect the patient's psychological state.

There are a multitude of treatment that aims to reduce, modify the unsightly appearance of stretch marks or to disappear completely stretch marks.
   1. Laser treatment
   2. Dermabrasion
   3. The prescription retinoid
   4. Cosmetic surgery
   5. ointments, creams or anti-stretch gels.

Prevention is better than cure stretch marks. To prevent stretch marks, avoid gaining weight, regular physical activity, use of anti-stretch mark creams during pregnancy.

Product 100% natural and African.

The caniver cream is an ointment designed 100% natural virtues which are numerous in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. It contains substances that provide good hydration to soften the skin. It contains generators fibers make the thickness to the skin. Caniver is a product made in Africa, Togo. It is effective in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks belly, hip, thigh, breasts, chest, back, etc. This ointment does not contain any chemicals. It is 100% natural certifed suitable in the treatment of various diseases of the skin.

Caniver, a natural product without side effects

This cream will help you forget and make disappear your complex for many years. The Caniver product contains natural substances, extracts from plants and roots in the treatment of diseases of the skin. It is a 100% natural product devoid of adverse effects. Caniver is an effective and recommended ointment in the skin diseases care. It is well suitable for progressively and permanently erase stretch marks on the body. It also helps prevent especially in people whose body shows signs of obvious of stretch marks appearance, or people with sensitive skin or women planning to wear pregnancy in less than 6 months. Caniver ointment is a product of natural aesthetic well suited in beautification of your skin. With this ointment, you will have healthy skin, well neat and well protected against any disease of the skin

How the product works?

This product is very beneficial for the skin. Canivet, anti-stretch mark restores vitality to the skin. This ointment nourishes the skin, making it harder and prevents it from breaking when weight gain.

In which case use Caniver?

1. You have stretch marks on your skin.
2. You have sensitive skin and you are afraid of having stretch marks.
3. You program carry a pregnancy in the future.
4. You already wear a pregnancy and you do not want to appear stretch marks on your body after childbirth.
5. You just want to have a healthy and smooth skin.

Features and Options:

Extracts from plants and roots
100% natural without side effects
Action preventive. cream anti stretch mark prevention.
Deletes or cleans up stretch marks
Cream or ointment anti - stretch marks pregnancy, calves, hips, chest, etc.

safe results.


Linda flore "wrote from France."

"Thanks to caniver, I was able to erase my vergetures long dates"

Ma fille "wrote from Côte d'Ivoire."

"I'm validating this product, it's a very good product."

Claire Dani"wrote from uSA."

"I was surprised by the effectiveness of this product I did not believe at first, thank you anyway"

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